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JourneyChurch is a community of thousands of people committed to creating cultures where people can experience God and his life-transforming power. We believe that as we help people live into their God-given potential and dreams, empower people for Biblical leadership, and help people break the cycle of poverty in their lives that our dream will become a reality. We will see cities transformed, one life at a time.

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    Survey Says

    Sneak Peek 2030 - Part 3

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    Rhythms - Part 1

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    God Sees

    Play it Forward - Part 5

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    A Living Hope

    Play It Forward - Part 3

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    Stand Alone - June 18th, 2017

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    The Blessed Life - Part 6

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    God's Heart

    Overshadowed - Part 3

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    Stand Alone - March 19th, 2017

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    Fear Not

    Stand Alone - February 12th

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    Fifteen celebrates 15 years of transforming cities one life at a time

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    Advent | Love

    This Christmas - Part 3

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    Advent | Hope

    This Christmas - Part 1

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    Old Shool


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    Easter 2016

    It is Finished!

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    The Thief

    Pastor Glenn concludes our study on Jesus’ Last Week on Earth.

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    Dirty Feet

    Pastor Glenn begins our study on Jesus’s Last Week on Earth.

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    Life Reimagined

    Pastor Clark concludes Happily Ever After by teaching us how to live a life reimagined.

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    Fight for Your Life

    Pastor Clark continues our study on living Happily Ever After.

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    The Bride/Groom I See

    Pastor Clark continues our study on relationships by discussing how we are called to see and love our brides/grooms.

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    In The Beginning

    Pastor Clark begins our new study on relationships and living Happily Ever After.

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    The Fine Line of Unforgiveness

    Pastor Clark continues our study You Asked for It by answering more of your questions about forgiveness.

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    The Fine Line of Forgiveness

    Pastor Clark kicks off our study, You Asked For it, by answering several questions on the topic of forgiveness.

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    Pastor Clark concludes our Holy Spirit study by talking about how we are empowered by Him.

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    Pastor Clark continues our study on the Holy Spirit.

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    The Power Play

    Pastor Clark continues our study of the Holy Spirit by reminding us how we are positioned to receive power from Him.

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    Christmas Eve 2015

    Pastor Clark shares a special message on Christmas Eve.

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    Pastor Glenn Quirk shares with us a great message about resting in God.

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    Pastor Clark shares a message at Christmas Spectacular about the star that God created to mark the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

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    Pastor Clark continues our study on Miracles.

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    Pastor Clark kicks off our new study the miracles that are all around us.

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    Q&A with Senator James Lankford

    Pastor Clark sits down with U.S. Senator James Lankford to discuss the church's role in caring for orphans.

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    Collaborate: Why We Gather

    Pastor Clark concludes our study of Rhythm with a word about why we gather as a body of believers each week.

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    Power in Unity

    Philip Engle joins us to encourage us to lean in to the power that comes when we serve together.

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    Better Together

    Pastor Rod kicks off our new study on Rhythm by walking us through how being in community helps us to find our rhythm in God's family.

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    Leader of Freaks

    Pastor Clark concludes our study of Nehemiah.

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    How Super Freaks Fight

    Pastor Clark continues our study of Nehemiah by discussing how we are called to fight.

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    Super Freaky Conversations

    Pastor Clark continues our Super Freak study by breaking down Nehemiah's prayer to God.

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    Pastor Clark kicks off our study of the heroes of the Bible with a word about the great faith of Nehemiah.

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    Family ID

    Pastor Clark ends our study of The Family with a message about our family's identity.

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    The Family vs The World

    Pastor Clark concludes our study on The Family with a message about how God has prepared us, His family, to face the world.

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    Sons & Daughters

    Pastor Clark continues our study on The Family with a message to encourage us to approach God as His children.

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    Come As You Are

    Pastor Clark kicks off our new study on The Family by encouraging us to approach the family of God just as we are.

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    Be Real Because Fake is Exhausting

    Pastor Rick Bezet, Senior Pastor of New Life Church in Arkansas, joins us to talk about authenticity in our relationships with God and those around us.

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    Scott Hennigan, Area Young Life Director, speaks about the importance of serving.

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    The Principle of First

    Pastor Robert Morris continues our study on The Blessed Life by sharing the defining principle behind obedience to God through giving.

  153. Thumb 1437088844 artwork

    What Test?

    Pastor Robert Morris continues our study on The Blessed Life by defining what tithing really is and examining how it's a test of our hearts.

  154. Thumb 1437088699 artwork

    It's All About the Heart

    Pastor Robert Morris, Senior Pastor of Gateway Church and author of The Blessed Life, opens our study of The Blessed Life by reinforcing that obedience to God is all about the heart.

  155. Thumb 1435792872 artwork

    The Blessed Life

    Pastor Clark concludes our book club study with a message from The Blessed Life!

  156. Thumb 1435159729 artwork

    A Father's Heart

    Pastor Clark shares from several books about how a Father's love is a very powerful thing!f

  157. Thumb 1434387242 artwork

    The Speed of Trust

    Pastor Clark continues our study of some great books. This week is Steven Covey's "The Speed of Trust".

  158. Thumb 1433774640 artwork

    Sun Stand Still

    Pastor Clark continues our study on some great books. This week he covers Steven Furtick's Sun Stand Still, the story of audacious faith!

  159. Thumb 1433186351 artwork

    Do Hard Things

    Pastor Clark kicks off our new study, PC's Book Club, by discussing the topics brought up by Do Hard Things, by Alex & Brett Harris.

  160. Thumb 1432655483 artwork

    Joy in Disappointments

    Dr. John Cross, Senior Pastor of South Biscayne Church, joins us to conclude our study on abundant living, This is Living Now. He encourages us to find joy, even in disappointments, by being filled with the Holy Spirit

  161. Thumb 1432481711 artwork

    Choose Joy

    Pastor Clark continues our study by encouraging us to continually choose joy and not to confuse joy with happiness.

  162. Thumb 1431646867 artwork

    Moving Past the Mother Load

    Pastor Clark kicks off our new study, This is Living Now, by encouraging us to learn to forgive and move on from past hurts.

  163. Thumb 1431377295 artwork

    To Love & Forgive

    Pastor Dino Rizzo, Executive Director of ARC (Association of Related Churches) and Associate Pastor of Church of the Highlands, joins us to conclude our study of Wallpaper with a call to love and forgive.

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    How to Make the Change

    After we know how changing the patterns in our lives can draw us closer to God, we must learn how we are to change them. Pastor Clark explores the ways we can make changes to our patterns.

  166. Thumb 1428953911 artwork

    Pattern of Love

    Pastor Adam challenges us to continue to put ourselves and our needs second to the other people in our lives, just as the early church did.

  167. Thumb 1428848030 artwork

    Picking Your Patterns

    Pastor Clark kicks off our study on Wallpaper by exploring how we are to pick the patterns in our lives.

  168. Thumb 1427742355 artwork
  169. Thumb 1427742172 artwork

    Can You See What Is Unseen?

    Pastor Josh continues our Unveiled study by taking a good look at what is unseen.

  170. Thumb 1426635032 artwork

    Can You See?

    Pastor Josh Mings kicks off the Unveiled study with a word from across the Bible that opens our eyes to the fact that Jesus and His message runs throughout the entire Word of God.

  171. Thumb 1425933495 artwork

    My Favorite's Favorite Friend

    Pastor Clark concludes our study on relationships by walking us through the 23rd Psalm and explaining how this is the model for our relationship with God.

  172. Thumb 1425320062 artwork

    Fighting for My Fave

    Pastor Clark continues the You're My Fave study by encouraging us to remember that we are God's children and there is huge benefit in that!

  173. Thumb 1424707409 artwork

    My Favorite's Outfit

    Pastor Clark continues the study of You're My Fave with an encouragement to put on the whole outfit that God has provided.

  174. Thumb 1424113764 artwork

    Freedom to be the Fave

    Pastor Clark kicks off our study You're My Fave by encouraging us to view ourselves through God's eyes and own the fact that we are His fave first!

  175. Thumb 1423504516 artwork

    Table Manners

    We are called to make a difference in this world and we are an important part of God's vision for His people. But we cannot accomplish our mission alone. Pastor Rod concludes our study on The Table by helping us to know best how to steward the relationships that God has gifted us with.

  176. Thumb 1423169409 artwork

    Changing Chairs

    Pastor Clark uses the story of Lazarus and the story of Mary washing Jesus' feet at the home of the Pharisee to encourage us to be aware of what chair we are in and calls us to change chairs to be closer and more mature in Christ.

  177. Thumb 1422305742 artwork

    Dinner Party

    In Luke 14, Jesus tells a parable of a man who throws a dinner party and is rejected by those who he invited. So he fills his table with all that will come. Pastor Clark explores this parable and helps us understand how to set our table for a dinner party for all that will come.

  178. Thumb 1421686726 artwork

    Dwelling Places

    What does the dwelling place in God's presence look like? Pastor Clark discusses the characteristics of God's presence and how we are called to dwell there.

  179. Thumb 1421092854 artwork

    Take a Seat

    In order to combat the schemes of the enemy, we must take a seat in the presence of God. Pastor Clark explores this idea in the second part of the Dwell study.

  180. Thumb 1420474799 artwork

    Daily Dwell

    The Bible is an essential part of our relationship with God. Through it we receive knowledge and instruction from Him. Pastor Rod opens our series, Dwell, with a word about The Word and how vital it is to our walk with God.

  181. Thumb 1419875513 artwork

    2014 - A Year in Review

    Pastor Adam & Pastor Josh help us take a look at the last year in the life of our church and explore how God has beeb moving and how He will move in the year to come.

  182. Thumb 1419355834 artwork

    Go Tell it on the Mountain

    Pastor Adam encourages us to not be shy about sharing the good news of Christ and His love with all those around us!

  183. Thumb 1419286556 artwork
  184. Thumb 1419285785 artwork

    Hark the Herald Angels Sing

    Pastor Clark kicks off our Christmas in the Village study by taking a look at the carol Hark the Herald Angels sing.

  185. Thumb 1417464994 artwork

    One Influence

    We are called to use our God-given influence to bring the message of the Joy we have in Christ to others around us. Pastor Josh wraps up our One Life study by encouraging us to use the influence we have!

  186. Thumb 1417042194 artwork

    One Kingdom

    Pastor Clark encourages us to use our One Life to seek first God's Kingdom!

  187. Thumb 1416254011 artwork

    One Heart

    Pastor Clark continues our One Life study with a great message about the importance of a pure heart and the power that it has in living an abundant life!

  188. Thumb 1415640014 artwork

    One Devotion

    When we fully devote our lives to God and His purposes, it opens us up to receive the blessings of God. Pastor Clark continues our look at One Life by asking us what God is asking for us to devote to Him today.

  189. Thumb 1414976849 artwork

    One Faith

    When God called Abraham, he was quick to answer, "Here I Am." We are called to live our One Life with a faith that answers without question. Pastor Clark kicks off our new study by reminding us that God is asking us to saddle our donkey.

  190. Thumb 1414975948 artwork

    WWHI...There Were No Orphans

    Pastor Clark concludes our study of James 1 by painting a picture of what it would look like if we truly took to heart the call to care for the orphans and widows.

  191. Thumb 1413833043 artwork

    WWHI...I Was Thankful For Trials

    The book of James starts off with the statement that we will face trials. But promises that those trials will have a positive effect on our faith. Pastor Adam Barnett talks through this idea and encourages us to be thankful for the trials we face.

  192. Thumb 1413214086 artwork

    WWHI...We Stopped Playing Dress-Up

    What would happen if we all truly fell in love with the Word of God instead of just reading it? Pastor Josh expands on James 1 and explores the question "What would happen if we stopped playing dress-up?"

  193. Thumb 1412616339 artwork

    WWHI...The Church was Full of 100%ers

    As we kick off a 4 week study on James 1, Pastor Clark walks us through how James encourages us to not be just hearers of the Word, but doers. And by being doers of the Word, we are able to grow and be 100% committed to God.

  194. Thumb 1412007735 artwork

    The Cup of Praise

    We all have a God-given purpose and God's fourth promise in Exodus 6:6-7 ensures us that He will lead us to that purpose. Pastor Glenn Quirk wraps up our Four Cups series by taking us through the Cup of Praise.

  195. Thumb 1412007469 artwork

    The Cup of Redemption

    Pastor Clark takes us through the third cup of communion, The Cup of Redemption.

  196. Thumb 1410798392 artwork

    The Cup of Deliverance

    While we have been freed from sin by God through salvation and sanctification, we must still take hold of His promise of deliverance, which is truly living into the freedom that God has promised. Pastor Dino Rizzo, Executive Director of ARC & Associate Pastor at Church of the Highlands, takes us through the second cup of communion, the Cup of Deliverance.

  197. Thumb 1410797971 artwork

    The Cup of Sanctification

    In order to be sanctified, we must be fully surrendered to God. Using the story of Saul's conversion on the road to Damascus, Pastor Clark introduces the first cup of communion, Sanctification.

  198. Thumb 1409867405 artwork

    Promises, Promises

    We have all made promises in our lives and all of us have broken those promises at one time or another. But God is one who will always keep His promises. Pastor Adam Barnett shows us a perfect example of God keeping His promises by examining how He freed the Israelites from Egypt.

  199. Thumb 1408909965 artwork

    Great Defense Is ????

    When discouragement, bitterness, resentment and anxiety enter, hope exits every time. In the final week of Unleashing Hope, Pastor Clark Mitchell helps us take a look at how to let go of the things that are wrecking your inner life and destroying your relationships.

  200. Thumb 1408909841 artwork

    Replace Burnout with Balance

    In Week 6 of Unleashing Hope, Pastor Clark Mitchell looks at how to replace burnout with balance by looking at three core concepts: Wait. Renew. Rest. Pastor Clark also reminds us that sometimes a simple nap has the power to keep us balanced.

  201. Thumb 1407774586 artwork

    Refuse to Go It Alone

    Pastor Clark compares the double bounce on a trampoline to "refusing to go it alone," and the 5 type of friends you should surround yourself with to ensure you're not going it alone.

  202. Thumb 1407251818 artwork

    Play to Your Strengths

    Playing to your strengths is only possible when you know your identity in Christ. In order to discover your identity, you must shed the labels you have placed on yourself and seek the identity that God has for you.

  203. Thumb 1406566661 artwork

    Refocus on the Future

    Nobody goes forward well when they’re looking back. In "Refocus on the Future," Pastor Adam uses an example of his daughter drawing on the furniture to teach us to finally let go of the past and catch a fresh vision from God for the future.

  204. Thumb 1405956372 artwork

    Raise Your Expectations

    In life, you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you expect. During Week 2 of "Unleashing Hope," Pastor Adam looks at the story of Nehemiah and how God used one man to change a nation by helping him change his perspective.

  205. Thumb 1405356172 artwork

    Recharge Your Batteries

    No one does well when running on empty. We kicked off the first week with Pastor Ray Johnston, and this first week was about building your relationship with God to levels of strength you may have never experienced before.

  206. Thumb 1404754069 artwork

    Team Hope

    To set up our new church-wide study starting next week, Unleashing Hope, Pastor Clark unpacks the idea of Team Hope.

  207. Thumb 1404248257 artwork

    Worry Free Finances

    In a volatile economy, can we ever truly be free of worry and anxiety about our finances? John Siebeling answers that question with an emphatic yes. It's not about making more money, it's about three simple, biblical steps that apply to all of us, no matter what our income: tithe consistently, manage responsibly, and build a spirit of generosity.

  208. Thumb 1403556407 artwork

    The Sandbox

    Wrapping up the study "Jesus Loves the Little Children," Pastor Clark talks about the sandbox and what it represents in our lives.

  209. Thumb 1403215094 artwork

    A Letter from Dad

    Pastor Clark walks through a letter he believes would be written from God, the Father.

  210. Thumb 1403214777 artwork

    Lessons from Little Tykes

    There are many lessons we can learn from our children, including how we are called to approach the Father.

  211. Thumb 1403214448 artwork

    Dear Dad

    Pastor Clark introduces our new study, Jesus Loves the Little Children, by setting up the idea that God is truly our Dad and wants to hear from His children.

  212. Thumb 1401206470 artwork

    The Stewardship of Affluence

    Pastor Adam takes a look at the stewardship of affluence and how we can use our money as a tool to help us fulfill God's purposes.

  213. Thumb 1400529621 artwork

    Connecting the Dots

    Pastor Clark teaches us how to connect the dots throughout our life by leaning and living into our influence.

  214. Thumb future passed   podcast


    To kick off our study Future Passed, Pastor Clark sat down with his family to have a casual conversation about traditions and how they established vision for their family.

  215. Thumb disrupt podcast


    We all have areas in our life that are experiencing drought. Pastor Clark teaches us about praying, asking and letting God bring refreshing rain to those areas so we can see the promises of God made complete in our lives.

  216. Thumb disrupt podcast


    Pastor Clark shares a special word about how we as a church are called to be a disruptive influence for Christ.

  217. Thumb easter podcast

    Broken Pieces | Easter 2014

    Our lives are messy and filled with broken pieces. Sometimes you have to allow messiness to expose the truth to create space for a masterpiece from the broken pieces.

  218. Thumb 40 days   podcast

    How to Live a Healthier Life

    Dino Rizzo, Executive Director of Arc, shows us how to lean in to our full potential of living a healthier life by walking us through how Jesus taught his disciples to do this very thing.

  219. Thumb 40 days   podcast

    Belonging to the Family

    What does it mean to belong to the house of God? Pastor David Smith, Executive Pastor of Gateway Church, helps us dive in to this question and many others about belonging to the family.

  220. Thumb 40 days   podcast

    Breaking the Spirit of Mammon

    Mammon is a spirit that rests on money that is not submitted to God. Pastor Robert Morris from Gateway Church reminds us that you can’t serve both mammon (riches) and God.

  221. Thumb 40 days   podcast

    An Invaluable Gift

    We have all received an invaluable gift in the Word of God. God has promised that if we just take hold of His Word daily, we will be able to wield it as a weapon against the enemy.

  222. Thumb 40 days   podcast

    Jesus Before All

    We have so many things competing for our attention, time and priorities. But we are called to put Jesus before all.

  223. Thumb 40 days   podcast

    First, Things First

    Using the story of Abraham and Isaac, Pastor Clarks sets the stage for the next 40 days in the life of our church.

  224. Thumb you ve got a friend in me   podcast

    The Honor Code

    What does a friend really look like and how are we called to honor both God and our friendships?

  225. Thumb you ve got a friend in me   podcast

    The Story of Joshua

    At some point in your life, you will be betrayed by a friend. There is no greater example of how to respond than the life of Joseph. Pastor Clarks uses this story to illustrate how we are called to respond in the face of betrayal.

  226. Thumb you ve got a friend in me   podcast

    You're a Cool Toy

    Our inner circle of friends should be always reminding us of our identity in Christ. Pastor Clark uses the relationship between John the Baptist and Jesus to explain this idea.

  227. Thumb you ve got a friend in me   podcast

    Moving Buddies

    Using the story of Joshua & Caleb, Pastor Clark teaches about how friends can be our biggest allies and how they continually speak in our lives.

  228. Thumb power to the people   podcast

    The Freedom

    Truly living daily in the Spirit means taking hold of the freedom the Holy Spirit gives. Pastor Clark teaches about what living in the Spirit truly looks like.

  229. Thumb power to the people   podcast

    The Personality

    The Holy Spirit interacts with each of us in very specific ways. Pastor Clark explains the personality of the Holy Spirit and how we are called to respond.

  230. Thumb power to the people   podcast

    The Introduction

    The Holy Spirit is a powerful ally in our lives. Pastor Clark introduces us to the idea of how we are to live a Spirit-filled life, and what that looks like.

  231. Thumb 1.5.14 podcast

    Against All Odds

    Pastor Clark uses the story of how Benaiah killed a lion on a snowy day to remind us all of the lions in our lives that we must decide whether we will tame or maim!

  232. Thumb the character of god   podcast

    e320: The Character of God

    God truly can do anything. And that truth is founded on the very character and nature of God. Pastor Josh Mings explores the truths about God's character and how they can broaden our understanding of that truth.

  233. Thumb simply christmas   podcast


    Pastor Clark encourages us to see the mountains in our lives as a gift and use them to help restore and refresh us rather than separate us from God.

  234. Thumb simply christmas   podcast

    What Would Shepherds Do?

    As we kick off the Christmas season, Pastor Adam shows us the true example of how we should live into this season by looking at how the Shepherds reacted to the news of the birth of Christ!

  235. Thumb 30 days to live   podcast

    Off My Chest

    Pastor Clark concludes the 30 Days to Live series by just getting some things off his chest.

  236. Thumb 30 days to live   podcast


    God has given us all the amazing gifts of Grace & Influence. Pastor Clark speaks on our need to step into our God-given influence in Week 3 of 30 Days to Live.

  237. Thumb 30 days to live   podcast

    Be Free

    Finding and living into our freedom in Christ can be much easier said than done. What does it really mean to live free? Pastor Clark breaks down what it takes for us to embrace our freedom in Christ.

  238. Thumb 30 days to live   podcast


    We are all created in the image of God, but we are also all unique. God created each of us with our own unique fingerprint and He has a specific plan for each of us. Pastor Clark kicks off our 30 Days to Live series by talking about how we each can live into that plan.

  239. Thumb elephants   podcast

    God of Our Pain

    We all have experienced pain and suffering in our lives. Why does God allow us to experience these difficult times? Pastor Clark wraps up our Elephants series with the truth behind the God of Our Pain.

  240. Thumb elephants   podcast

    The Ability of God

    JourneyChurch was founded on the verse Ephesians 3:20 and on the principle that God really can do anything. Pastor Adam Barnett expands on this verse and puts into simple terms what that truth really means.

  241. Thumb podcast feed artwork

    Is it Right to Fight?

    Is it ever right to fight? We all experience conflict both on personal and global scales. Pastor Adam breaks down the #Elephant of War what the Bible really says about when it's okay to fight.

  242. Thumb podcast feed artwork
  243. Thumb podcast feed artwork

    The Big Questions

    Pastor Clark answers some big questions about his health and how we as a church are moving to be In the Zone!

  244. Thumb podcast feed artwork

    Generosity for the Generations

    The seemingly simple generosity of two people is felt for generations to come. Pastor Adam Barnett takes us through the powerful story of Ruth & Boaz and how their obedience to God's calling for generosity had a profound impact years later.

  245. Thumb podcast feed artwork

    Heart Attacks: Becoming a Good Receiver

    In order to live in the zone of God's blessings, we must first learn how to be a good receiver. Our hearts are attacked in many ways as we learn to trust in God's provision.

  246. Thumb podcast feed artwork

    In the Zone: An Invitation to Trust

    We are encouraged throughout the Bible to not fear but put our trust in God. Pastor Clark looks at how this truth is illustrated in the story of the Talents in Matthew 25 and how we can apply this to our lives to live In the Zone.

  247. Thumb podcast feed artwork

    Neighbors - Sept. 1, 2013

    Pastor Adam explores Luke 10 to break down the various life philosophies at work in the story of the Good Samaritan.

  248. Thumb podcast feed artwork

    My Church is Kind of a Big Deal - Week 2

    Everyone has an innate desire to belong and Paul encourages us in Ephesians to find our belonging and home in the House of God. And we are promised in the Psalms that if we plant ourselves in the courts of our God, we will flourish!

  249. Thumb podcast feed artwork

    My Church is Kind of a Big Deal - Week 1

    Each and every one of us has a story and that story can be shaped by many things. Pastor Clark unpacks three biblical stories of how people encountered Christ and how their stories changed forever.

  250. Thumb podcast feed artwork

    Face to Face - Week 2

    We are called to love our neighbors as ourselves, but how can you effectively do that if you don't first love yourself? Pastor Clark unpacks this simple truth and how we are called to find our worth in what Christ did on the cross.

  251. Thumb podcast feed artwork

    Face to Face - Week 1

    Pastor Clark kicks off a great series, Face to Face by telling the story of the sick woman in Mark 5 and how it shows us that all it takes is Just One Touch!

  252. Thumb podcast feed artwork

    Heroes - Week 6

    Pastor Mac Richard concludes our Heroes series with an amazing message about Gideon and the battles we all fight in our own lives!

  253. Thumb podcast feed artwork

    Heroes - Week 5

    Pastor Rod continues our Heroes series with the story of Abraham and how God Always Does the Right Thing!

  254. Thumb podcast feed artwork

    Heroes - Week 4

    Pastor Ray Johnston, Senior Pastor at Bayside Church in California, joined us for the 4th week of our Heroes series. Pastor Ray brought an amazing message about Hope and the story of Nehemiah!

  255. Thumb podcast feed artwork

    Heroes - Week 3

    Pastor David Smith, Executive Senior Pastor at Gateway Church, joined us for our third week talking about our biblical heroes. He gave a great message about John the Baptist and the call on his life.

  256. Thumb podcast feed artwork

    Heroes - Week 2

    Pastor Bryan Waldenville continues our Heroes series with a word about Noah and how we are called to be difference makers.

  257. Thumb podcast feed artwork

    Heroes - Week 1

    Pastor Adam Barnett kicks off our new series, Heroes, with a great message about the biblical hero Elijah!

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